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Our client provides a property management service for individual tenants and landlords alike. They provide a very personal service focusing on creating a good environment for every tenant which leads to very high occupancy rates.

Our brief was to create a website to market and showcase their services, but more importantly, a CRM system that could manage their growing database of clients. The CRM had to not only deal with new enquiries and client records but also keep confidential records to ensure the business met professional standards.



An CRM Active Website


Multi-Client CRM System


Analytical Management Tools

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The client had numerous spreadsheets and other software applications. By incorporating these spreadsheets and applications into the CRM the client was able to manage the whole tenant process far easier. Applications would be imported directly into the CRM, tenants could see records of their payments and any other property information on a 24/7 basis.

The website provided the key elements for the two very different demographics, tenant sales and management and landlords looking for an agency to manage their portfolio of properties.

With a strong focus on mobile solutions the website utilised client portals to provide easy application processing, live account information whilst lowering the time requirement of the client.

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Landlords typically required more analytical information such as occupancy rates, rental arrears, maintenance costs and development progress reports. By providing them with a direct portal the client was able to offer this information without lengthy phone calls and the need for creating reports.

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By creating a complete workflow from initial enquiries, through the sales funnel to the management of a property, the client has been able to save hundreds of hours of management time each month. Now prospective clients can see then manage online their property transparently, thereby developing trust in the client.

Landlords can also access the key information they need to manage their properties when they need to, even out of office hours.

By developing a unified platform the client has been able to process and manage greater numbers of clients than ever before. At the same time, they ensure their team process every agreement according to the industries best practices and legal requirements.

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