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Our client provides a very personal gym membership, rather than just providing gym equipment, our client provides one to one personal training at each visit. This is a service that requires unparalleled levels of customer service.

Our brief was to create a website to market the gym, a CRM to manage the membership and an App which would allow the trainers and gym members to interact with the gym. This solution would create a stronger relationship between the gym and each member, enable the gym to grow in members whilst cutting the management time by hundreds of hours per month.



Premium Website


Bespoke Member CRM

Mobile App

Staff & Member Mobile App

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The client had numerous spreadsheets, detailing their interactions, sales funnels and membership levels for the whole gym. We converted these spreadsheets into a CRM system that automated these tasks, but also provided automated email correspondence, record keeping, upselling and analytical information.

The website brief was taken from very specific designs provided by the client. In addition, we added a portal that would enable staff and members to access data about their membership, book appointments and monitor their progress.

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The App was directly connected to the gym CRM which enabled staff to update each member’s records in real-time and the members were able to monitor their progress whilst making and changing bookings.

Information and additional services could also be sent to the members by push notification.

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By investing in a new unified software solution the gym was able to attract, manage and develop a much greater number of members than ever before. This end to end system allowed the team to move away from their administration roles and spend more time developing new members and improving their service levels to the current membership.

With just a client base of 5,000 members, the gym was able to save over 40 hours a week in time alone. The additional App services also enabled the gym to talk to and sell further services to its members.

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