Our Approach

An Experienced Approach

We have a single-minded approach, to deliver exactly what you need when you need it. We operate within a strong set of ethical values, whilst offering you the latest technology to enhance your business.

20 years of experience has taught us that only by working with you and your team from the start can we deliver a project that will be planned, constructed and implemented successfully.

We believe support is so important to the success of any project, so at every stage, we offer unlimited support as standard.

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Getting your needs right will determine the success or failure of the project and this includes all the nitty-gritty elements too. We take the time needed with you and your team to understand what you need, only by doing this will your team take ownership of the project, which ensures a better transition on launch day.


Before we start the build, we provide you with a wireframe prototype that will allow you to see a complete project overview. Only when everything is perfect will we put everything into code.

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Launch Time

We believe in testing your new software whilst it is in production, this saves you time later and ensures the build comes in on time. We always provide an opportunity to test your new system prior to launch, so when the big day comes you are confident.

When the big day arrives everything will go well, but our support does not stop there. Our technical team will monitor everything and be there if you need anything. We provide you with ongoing support to ensure you and your team get the very best from your investment.

Speaking to Tickety Boo

Tickety Boo IT make the process of implementing new software and developing new digital services easier than ever. It not just the quality of the software, it's the support and advice before, during and after that will make the difference.


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