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Google My Business

Google My Business is simply a must for all businesses who want to be found on the internet.  Google are actively pushing this marketing medium to get every business listed locally and easily accessible by all internet users from all devices.  It is a wonderful marketing tool which your business needs. 

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Local SEO

Every business owner should know the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Within our Essential Marketing package is the added benefit of our local SEO module. The powerful link building program can make a huge difference to your rankings on Google and when delivered in conjunction with a Quartet website the results can be spectacular.

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Google citations are an important way in which Google rates your business in terms of ranking, they do this by ensuring your details are genuine and correct.  After working with Google for many years we have a good idea how this is done and with whom.  As a part of our essential marketing package we develop up to 100 citations, thereby ensuring the biggest search engine in the world validates your business for the purposes of ranking.

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Google Re-marketing

There is a cost in bringing people to your website, whether that is by pay per click, SEO, emailing or general marketing.  So why not reinforce that marketing and convert your website visitor into a customer.  Our Google re-marketing campaigns will encourage visitors to your website to engage with your business like never before.

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