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Tickety Boo develops platforms that can be used by businesses of all sizes, from SME to corporate users.

Platforms enable their users to create and develop their businesses digitally without the need for their staff to perform manual tasks. Each platform is built to specific requirements and includes websites, mobile apps, client accounts and global communication solutions.

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Tickety Boo Ink

Tickety Boo Ink has been developed to enable writers and authors to showcase and sell their books independently.

The platform allows them to create a website and online shop on a self build basis. The platform incorporates many features from Orchestra and is the most sophisticated authors platform of its kind.


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Tickety Boo Business

Tickety Boo Business is a platform for business users that want a modern website, CRM system, email marketing platform and all the essential business tools for a low monthly charge. 

Tickety Boo Business is a completely automated platform, yet allows users to use all the digital tools that a modern business owner should have available.


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Tickety Boo Pro

As your business grows you will need a more detailed and specific digital solution to maintain your growth. Tickety Boo Business allows your business to have a digital solution that works exactly the way you need it to.

Developments range from brochure websites, bespoke CRM systems, mobile APPS or a combination depending on what solution is required. 

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