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Like you we get bombarded with companies trying to sell us their marketing services, everything from Google Ads, to email marketing and social media campaigns.  However, unlike most companies, we have over 20 years of experience in marketing with the likes of Google, so these messages rarely meet our standards.

The issue is not that these companies are bad at what they do, many are very good. But are their services right for us or you?

Your business is different from every other business, even if your competitors sell the same product or services, you are unique. The way you operate, brand and market your business needs to reflect this difference, otherwise, your marketing will not project your brand, your needs or your goals, ultimately losing your revenue.

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Marketing or advertising companies can only provide you with the services that they supply. A social media company cannot manage email campaigns, and email marketing companies will not provide you with Google Ads. This is the reason we created the Risus Project. 

The Risus Team looks at your goals, ambitions and circumstances and advises you what the best marketing route for your business is. As there is only a finite number of marketing options, wouldn’t it be in your best interests to explore them all, rather than make an uninformed decision? Then you can decide on how to get the most from any marketing.

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We know that just having a website will not guarantee your success; you need to market your business in one way or another. Indeed you may have a successful business built only from personal recommendations. Certainly Tickety Boo IT has not paid for any advertising for many years, but we still need to market our company.

In addition to helping you plan your marketing strategies, Risus can also create campaigns which you operate yourself. Risus can manage campaigns allowing you to work on your core business and not have to do the marketing yourself. Risus Marketing campaigns are built exclusively for your business, to provide you with right and appropriate marketing tools that you need.

The Risus Project is only available to Tickety Boo Joint Venture projects and new Tickety Boo clients.

Starting with the right ingredients is the secret to marketing success.

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