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A London Barristers

The Brief

A leading barristers chambers in London approached us and asked if we could look at ways that could develop their Direct Access services for family law in London.  They were only turning over a small fraction of what was available in the market place and wanted to develop this revenue stream within their chambers.

The Process

As this was not the first barristers chambers we had represented we understood the restrictions that a barrister has when advertising under the Direct Access Scheme so we just needed to identify their particular areas of interest.  These included family law and the alternative family.  We then developed our essential marketing suite in a way that was specific to the client and reflected what they wanted to achieve from the campaign.

The Results

The results of the campaigns speak for themselves, in the first 12 months their revenue for direct access increased from £40,000 to in excess of £420,000.  They are currently number 1 on Google search in London for their specific areas of interest and number 1 nationally on Google for other areas of special interest.  The campaigns are continually refined and improved in their second year with Tickety Boo.

Our clients details are withheld because of our confidentiality agreement.