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Mercia Marina Pro Bono Project

The Brief

Mercia Marina is the largest inland marina in Europe and has over 600 boats berthed. There is a very large and active community within the Marina who have many private and public events during the year.

During the first 7 years of the Marina the community has constantly grown resulting in the Facebook group becoming overwhelmed with information.

Tickety Boo IT were very pleased to be able to offer a Pro Bono Quartet website for the community so they could improve the communication for all Mercian's and visitors to the Marina.  We hope the website would also bring together the larger local community and improve the events and activities within the local community as a whole.

The Process

We were very pleased to work with the events committee and the marina management to develop a website that not only improved the communication channels and events advertising but also added additional functionality which took things even further.  Once we identified what services and functions the community could use, it was just a case of providing these services with an easy to use platform.

The Results

Some of the new functions we included in the website are; a new email newsletter, an online payment gateway, community galleries, event registration, website advertising facilities to raise money for charity, a marina news and advertising board.  All these functions were provided on our SilverStripe platform which made use of the website by the events committee very easy and secure.

The website was launched in August 2016 and is expected to expand with an ever growing number of new of events and activities, it is sure to be a success with residents and visitors alike.