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Photography Website Case Study

The Brief

The brief was to develop a website that displayed high quality photographs in a very modern format, whilst also providing our easy to use SilverStripe content managed system in the background.

The project is also an experiment to develop better ways to display not only landscape imagery but also portrait images given that most photography websites are viewed on widescreen monitors. 

The Process

We were given access to hundreds of images from which we could work with, from there we had to develop a way to display these to their maximum effect given the range of devices that are growing in use today.  We made the website a wall to wall image gallery which maximises every shot in the highest resolution as possible. 

We removed the standard menus to give the maximum amount of room to display the images, which is the sole purpose of the website. A mobile style menu was used so it would be able to receive easy recognition and a filter system has been employed to break down the number of photos and allow the viewer to select their style of images.

Finally we added to ability to price and sell images directly from the website through an easy to use payment gateway.

The Results

This website is an ongoing project and we will continue to develop its features, but fundamentally the website displays photographs to their fullest potential, with clear and sharp imagery that coveys the photographers vision.  It's a clear example of how Quartet websites will deliver the right look and feel that you are after.