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Solicitor Challenges

The legal profession is a competitive field, and solicitors face many challenges in setting themselves apart from the competition. Client expectations have increased with the rise of the internet, and advancements in technology have meant that solicitors must find new ways of working in order to communicate effectively with clients and initiate more efficient practices.

These are some of the biggest challenges facing solicitors in 2016:


Communication issues

Those in the legal profession are often criticised for having poor communication skills. Conveyancing is one of the biggest examples of this, and research has found that consumers consider poor communication between solicitors, lenders and estate agents, to be a key factor in why their home purchase or sale fell through. It is important that solicitors move with the times and embrace new technology in order to communicate better with clients, whether by email, text message or social media.

Converting enquiries to clients

Clients are key to the success of your business, but many solicitors fail to realise the importance of converting enquiries to clients. It’s easy to see why – solicitors aren’t trained salespeople, yet the way you deal with enquiries can make a big difference to your firm’s success. Ensure your receptionists have a full understanding of your firm’s services, so that prospective clients are dealt with correctly and referred to the right department. Then, once you have answered all the client’s questions, you should always make sure you ask whether the prospective client would like to go ahead and book an appointment – this might be all it takes to stop them from picking up the phone to the next law firm on their list.

Use of technology

The legal profession is known for being reluctant to embrace new technology, but it can be a useful tool for brand management. Social media sites are handy ways of communicating with clients and detailing your latest successes. Technology can also help solicitors improve efficiency and reduce costs, but the issues still remain of maintaining a client-centric focus, building and maintaining good relationships with clients, and providing value.


The legal profession has always been competitive, and pricing and competition are two of the biggest issues facing solicitors today. It is important for law firms to stand out from the crowd, and ensure that they are offering competitive services and prices. Making your firm stand out can be done in a number of ways, including through clever marketing, using social media effectively, and ensuring you offer quality customer service to your clients.

Client expectations

These days almost everyone has internet access, which means everyone is an expert – or so they think. One of the biggest challenges facing solicitors, is having to deal with the expectations of clients who have done their own research in advance, and have already made up their minds as to how their legal advisers should act. Solicitors must take time to go through any misconceptions, and re-educate their clients to avoid any frustration or misunderstandings.