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UHY Hacker Young Case Study

The Brief

UHY Hacker Young are an international firm of chartered accountants who not only provide accountancy advice on an international level but also provide unrivalled accountancy services to local businesses. Our brief was to increase the level of local presence within a specific region of the country.

The Process

To complete this objective within budget and increase the level of visibility to local businesses we used our experience in developing Google campaigns, specifically Google for Business. After consulting with UHY we established the distinct areas of business they wished to be found for, we then ensured the content was correct and promoted these pages in a Google friendly way.

The Results

By using this medium we pushed UHY to the top of Google search for their preferred keywords in a very organic way. Not only are they ranking number 1 on Google for many of their key phrases, the information displayed is relevant to the initial search terms, so potential clients find what they are looking for.


"I appointed Tickety Boo IT to advise on my firm’s website and particularly on each engine optimisation. I was delighted with the results which speak for themselves. Whilst Ian Francis clearly understands this area, he brings a commercial understanding of business which means he can provide his clients with the very best service".

Andrew Hulse

Partner UHYHacker Young